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Why did you choose Center Stage? " My daughter met Ms. Wren and loved her personality The teachers are trained professionals."


Where you learn HOW to dance, not just a dance.

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Studio Responsibilities

  • We reserve the right to reschedule, combine, or cancel classes.
  • We reserve the right to dismiss a student from class or from the dance program. It is not fair to let one student keep others from learning. Dismissal will also occur if delinquent payments exceed two months.
  • Students cannot flip-flop from class to class. Once they have enrolled, they will remain in the class for the year, unless it is agreed upon by Center Stage.

Dance Schedule

  • We follow the same schedule as Wake County Traditional Public Schools. All holidays are factored into your dance fees.
  • We DO hold classes on teacher work days.
  • Please check our calendar for a full list of our days off.
  • Bad Weather - we follow the same schedule for bad weather as Wake County schools...if we miss for weather, classes will be rescheduled.
  • Center Stage reserves the right to reschedule, combine, or cancel classes.

Parent Responsibility

  • Please have your student to class on time. If you arrive late, the student must enter the classroom without disruption, quietly, and already dressed.
  • If you need to speak with an instructor, please wait until after class. We ask that you do not interrupt class.
  • Please come inside the studio to pick up or drop off children. We are not responsible for children outside of the studio.
  • Please pick up children on time! You will be charged a sitting fee of $1.00 per minute if you are over 15 minutes late.

Student Responsibility

  • If you are having a problem with a child not wanting to come to dance, please call the teacher or speak with Ms. Glenda or Ms. Wren. Children burn out easily and it happens every year during holidays, illness, and nice weather.
  • We expect children age 6 and up to complete the dance year because it builds strong character to see things through. This is why we require a contract. We do not feel that a child can make a responsible decision until the basics are learned, and it takes more than a few weeks.
  • If there is a discipline problem, please do not take away dance as a punishment. Call our office and we may be able to help or make arrangements.

Studio Provisions in Detail

Because Center Stage has an end of year recital, I understand and accept that tuition is due on June 5th of this current year and my account must be paid in full for this student to perform.

I am aware that I will need to purchase a recital costume and have it added into my monthly tuition. Costumes will be chosen & ordered by Center Stage.

I have been informed that I will receive 1 free ticket to the recital and will need to purchase any additional tickets to the show.

I understand that it is my responsibility to stay informed by email communication, as well as accessing Center Stage’s website at

I am aware that a complete list of studio provisions and policies can be found at and it is my responsibility to read them.

I understand that regardless of which method of payment I choose, I am responsible for tuition payment by the 5th of each month, from September to June. I further understand that if my account becomes more than two months delinquent, the student aforementioned will be dismissed from class. I also understand that if any balance is due as of June1st, this student may not dance in the year end recital.

Dance fees/tuitions are to be paid before the 5th of each month for 10 months; September – June.

Should a student drop after January 1st, and is 6 years of age or older, full payment of the dance fees for the remaining months (Jan. – June) will be required in order to clear the books. If the student drops before January 1st, the guardian must give 30 days written notice to the managing office. Full tuition payment will be due for the last month. Tuition stays the same regardless of the number of days in the month.

Children ages 3,4, and 5 will not be obligated under financial contract and they will remain in class as long as the instructor feels the student is following classroom structure without problems.

Students enrolled for the present dance year will be required to participate in the end of year recital in June. Students are required to attend the official dress rehearsal or they may not participate in the recital, therefore, breaching contract.

I understand this agreement and further understand that all dance fees must be paid in full by June 5th for this student to participate in the recital.

I understand that a late fee will be charged to my account for tuition that is received after the 5th of the month and there will be a $25 returned check fee for all insufficient funds. I am also aware that if I fail to pay by the 25th, my provided bankcard or credit card will be debited in the amount owed. If my account becomes delinquent for two consecutive months, my account will automatically be transferred to an automated payment from my credit card provided or from my bank account which will be withdrawn from on the 5th of each month following.

I understand that Center Stage is not responsible for my child outside the classroom, and therefore, I must come into the studio to pick up or drop off my child.

I have read and understand fully the provisions of this contract.

By subscribing hereto, and in consideration of dance and performance instruction flowing to ______________________________________(Student), I agree to indemnify the Center Stage School of Performing Arts and any instructors or assistants from any and all liability for body injury and all types of injury incurred by said student and myself. I hereby save and hold harmless the staff, instructors, assistants, and this school for any and all responsibilities for injuries. I understand that I am responsible for said student outside the classroom before and after instruction while on Center Stage School of Performing Arts campus.


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