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Kinder Dance


Pre-School Dance


Lyrical/ Contemporary

 "Personal attention is given to every dancer in every class! Dancers here learn skill, grace, french names for the steps as well as the technical details of those steps. My daughter has gained so much confidence with Center Stage and is building lifelong friendships and memories. "




 Ages 3 and Up

We recommend all dancers take ballet! 

Want to be an amazing dancer? Take ballet! We teach a graded Cecchetti Method in early years and then, we expand to other styles of classical ballet as the student progresses. We focus our classes on French terminology, body and mind awareness, nutrition, and pure classical ballet technique. This class incorporates barre work, jumps, turns, leaps, technique, across the floor combinations, and center work.  This class also establishes discipline, posture, and so much more.


Pink tights, split-sole pink & leather ballet shoes. Black Leotards for Intermediate+ levels




Ages 4 and up

Tap can be considered not only an entertaining and joyful style of dance but also a percussive instrument, like the drums!  It helps students

develop an understanding of rhythm, music theory, and the mechanics that the body requires to “play” their instrument. It a great class that encourages confidence in a welcoming and judge free environment. Focusing on muscle strengthening, memory quickness, coordination, control, improvisation, rhythmic timing and performance skills. In tap class, dancers will create different rhythmic sounds with their feet ranging from shuffles, flaps and pullbacks, to wings and other fancy tricks.

 This class allows your feet to be happy!

Comfortable athletic clothing and black, lace up, split-sole oxfords.Intermediate and above levels should have the Bloch Tap Pro. 



Ages 6 and Up
An upbeat and energetic class, using current age appropriate music. Designed to develop strength, body placement, coordination, musicality and performance style. Focusing on proper terminology and technique. Exposure to the various styles of jazz dance, rock rhythm and blues, rock and roll, classical jazz, contemporary jazz, Charleston etc. 

 It incorporates technique and flow as well as powerful movements. Leaps, turns and other jazz moves will be taught. Through warm-up, across the floor and combinations, dancers will learn the best and newest jazz movements and steps.

Leotards, or form fitting tops, tights or leggings, and  Tan Split Sole Leather Jazz Shoes 


Hip Hop


 Ages 6 and Up

A great class for dancers of all levels! One of the highest energy, versatile styles of dance. Hip Hop uses your own personal rhythm, as well as current dance moves. Classes include hip hop, popping, locking, break dancing and more, while using age appropriate music. Hip hop encourages self-confidence, rhythm, and coordination. A high energy, fun and funky style of jazz!

Any Kind of all black tennis shoes with black soles.

Comfortable, athletic clothing. 

Pre-School Dance


Ages 3 and 4

This is an introductory class for little ones that want to move, move, move!  It introduces the basics of creative dance, movement, and fundamental ballet technique. And, by introducing concepts of music and movement sequencing, your child's imagination and self esteem are encouraged and strengthened throughout each class!  This class integrates social skills, such as taking turns, cooperation, and using friendly words and actions. Children learn how to count music and become more body aware. Three year olds will receive a 30 minute class designed to expose them to dance class environment while learning motor control and perceptual skills all related to ballet. Four year olds will continue this combination class with 30 minutes of tap and jazz.

Three year olds - Pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes and any color leotard

 (skirts are optional).
Four year olds - Pink tights, colorful leotards, and  black tap shoes.


Kinder Dance



Ages 4 and 5

A ballet and tap combination class that builds the basis for strong future dancers! Kinderdance is a fun class in body awareness, number concepts, motor coordination, music appreciation and learning dance techniques. It introduces the basics of creative dance, movement, and fundamental ballet and jazz techniques as well as, incorporating the practices of gross & fine gross motor skills with attention give to color/shape recognition and spatial awareness. Introducing concepts of music, movement sequencing, your child's imagination and self esteem are encouraged and strengthened throughout each class. Integrates social skills, such as taking turns, cooperation, and using friendly words and actions.

Pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes & black tap shoes.


 Ages 6 and Up

Lyrical is considered the merging of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance techniques. This style of dance is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements that express emotions. Concentrates more on an individual approach and expressiveness, than the precision of the dancer’s movements. A great addition to a ballet class.

Ballet is a prerequisite for this class!

Leotards or Form Fitting Tops, Tight's or Leggings and Flesh colored,

 half-ballet shoes (Pirouettes)





This is offered to accomplished dancers, technically strong, 

with at least three years of ballet. Must be taken accompanying Ballet class. 

Pink tights, black leotard (skirts are optional). Teachers can help fit and recommend

 the appropriate type of shoe for each dancer. Please talk with an instructor before buying pointe shoes!


 Ages 6 and Up

Clogging is one of the most popular dances in North Carolina!  Our clogging classes are a combination of contemporary and traditional clogging steps that emphasize the beats and have enthusiastic footwork. Clogging is a favorite for both adults and children alike! 

Split-sole black clogging oxfords, tank tops, capri pants or dance pants. 

Athletic clothing.


"This place is awesome! The teachers are amazing as well!"